Tweed Heads Plumber – Tree Roots In Pipe Blocks Up Toilet

When the weather starts to get dry, trees start getting thirsty. A tree’s extended underground root system knows how to find water and will go looking for it. If you have a small crack in your pipe or even a pipe fitting that has not been glued properly it is a perfect entry point for tree roots to get into your pipes and cause a blockage in no time.

A tree root can first enter a sewer or storm water pipe as a tiny feeler root. Once it enters the pipe and has a regular supply of water and nutrients from the sewer or storm water pipe it lives happily growing larger and larger till all of a sudden you start having problems flushing your toilet. The water may back up in your toilet and drain slowly.

With all the dry weather we are having at the moment we are getting lots of blocked drains caused by tree roots.

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