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Are Your Drains Or Pipes Blocked Or Being Damaged By Tree Roots?

Do you want to avoid expensive drain and pipe repairs with a ‘No Dig’ and minimum disruption solution?

We can remove the tree root blockage in your pipes and prevent further tree root damage that could destroy your pipes and cost you thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

Foaming RootX kills and inhibits tree roots in pipe work while being safe for children, pets and plants:

  • Root foam stops tree root damage to your pipes without killing the trees or plants.
  • It is a more environmentally friendly alternative to copper sulfate or harsh chemicals and is harmless to the eco system and waste water treatment plants, is non caustic and non fumigating.
  • Promotes septic bacterial growth to speed the decay and removal of roots.
  • Cost effective with zero inconvenience. Your drive way or back yard won’t need to be dug up to replace the broken pipes. Very small tree roots that are left untreated can penetrate a joint or the crack in a pipe, eventually breaking the pipe or can trap materials in the pipe restricting or blocking the flow.

How to clean your pipes with root foam

  1. We send one of our qualified plumbers out to clear your blockage
  2. A special drain camera is used to confirm there are no major cracks or breakages in your pipes that first need to be fixed
  3. If tree roots are confirmed to be the cause of the blockage we can apply the root foam to stop the roots from growing into your pipes again
  4. Each root foam treatment will last for 12 months and then we recommend a follow up treatment to ensure your pipes remain blockage free

Do You Want to STOP Tree Roots
Growing in Your Pipes and Avoid Costly Repairs?
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