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Pipe Relining is a ‘No Dig’ Solution Used To Repair Broken Pipes

Forget the headaches that come with restoring landscaping, driveways and concrete after pipes have been dug up and fixed

In the past the only way to fix a broken or blocked pipe was to dig it up and replace the damaged section. Now there is an alternative called Pipe Relining.

Pipe relining works by first cleaning the pipe. A liner is then inserted into the existing pipe. The liner is a flexible textile fabric soaked in a resin that is inserted into place with a bladder. The bladder is then expanded and the liner is cured inside the pipe, creating a seamless repair and structurally rehabilitating the pipe.

Advantages of Pipe Relining:

  • Most repairs can be completed within hours, not days saving you time
  • No digging up driveways, concrete, paving or landscaping
  • Reinstatement of landscaping, driveways and concrete is not required
  • Able to repair small sections of pipe or lengths of pipes
  • Tree root issues are eliminated
  • Joints and bends can be relined
  • Works for both homes and commercial premises
  • Both PVC and earthenware clay pipes can be relined

What Causes Pipes to become Broken or Blocked?

  • Tree roots can enter the pipe through a crack or badly sealed joint
  • Ground movement can cause pipes to move and crack
  • Machinery moving over the ground can crush underneath pipework
  • Internal damage can be caused by the use of electric eels
  • Old pipes can deteriorate over time

You can dig up your damaged drain pipes or you can RELINE them……

To Repair Your Pipes
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