Know How To Unblock Your Drains Without Damaging Them

An Electric Eel is a machine that many plumbers use to try and unblock pipes. It has a long coil that spins and thrashes inside the pipe in an attempt to smash and cut out what is causing blockage.

The machine was first invented in the 1920’s when sturdy clay pipes were the norm. However, most of our pipes today are made from PVC plastic that can not withstand the repeated friction and smashing of an Electric Eel. Unfortunately while Electric Eels cut and punch a hole through the blockage they can also punch a hole through the pipe, requiring you to then dig up and fix the pipe.

Check to make sure your plumber is using a ‘Pipe Jetter’ (high pressure water) to clean your drains. It is a lot quicker, less harmful to your pipes and doesn’t leave any debris behind.

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