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What is the best way for a Gold Coast plumber to fix your drain?

Electric Eel

A method that many Gold Coast plumbers still use today is the electric eel or drain snake. This is old fashioned technology that was invented in the 1920’s when our pipes were all made from clay earthenware, which has longer radius bends and is thicker than PVC pipes.

The disadvantage of having your drains cleared with an electric eel is that the coil on the machine is designed to spin around inside the pipe and can punch a hole through the pipe or bend with its spinning action. A clay pipe is better able to withstand the repeated thrashing of an electric eel. However it is quite common for the end of the electric eel to punch a hole through the back of a plastic bend as it is pushed down the pipe, instead of going smoothly around the corner.

Jet Rodder

Fortunately today we don’t have to rely on the old fashioned methods that can often cause damage to the pipe in an attempt to clear the line. Jet Rodders also known as High Pressure Jetters are now available to plumbers, and offer a safer and more efficient way to clear obstructions in pipes.

Jet Rodding works by using a precision nozzle on the end of a high pressure flexible hose. The hose is inserted down the pipe to the point of the blockage (guided by a CCTV drain camera). High pressure water is then pumped through the hose, jetting high speed water out through the nozzle, boring through the blockage and washing the debris away. After the blockage has been blasted through, a rear facing jet thoroughly cleans the pipe while propelling it through the pipe.

A jet rodder can easily cut through tree roots. This image demonstrates how the jet rodder can cut timber as thick as ply wood.

Jet Rodding Uses

A Jet Rodder can be used in both sewer and storm water pipes. Sewer drainage pipes are located under or within buildings and then travel through the yard to the sewer main or septic system. Sewer blockages can be caused by food and grease build up, tree roots, broken and crushed pipe or from foreign objects entering the pipe.

Storm water pipes collect the water from the roof of a house and run through separate pipes to the sewer pipes. They connect with a storm water pit or enter into a roadside gutter. Stormwater pipes can become blocked from leaf matter, tree roots entering the underground pipe work or a break or crush in the pipe.

Both sewer and storm water pipes are considered to be the responsibility of the property owner and it is their responsibility to keep them in working order.

Jet Rodder Operation

It is important when choosing a Gold Coast plumber that they have lots of experience using a jet rodder. Many plumbers will only have one nozzle for their jet rodder. Different blockages require different nozzles and an experienced plumber will have many nozzles and know what nozzle to use in order to complete the job in a quick and efficient manner. Some plumbers find that they are not able to clear a blockage at all because they do not use the correct nozzle or do not know how to use the nozzle they have properly.

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