Beware of Electric Eel Damage to Toilet Pipe Found on Gold Coast

We first received a call from a customer who was on a rural property on the Gold Coast. Their toilet kept filling up and then draining slowly, and sometimes the sink would gurgle too.

We explained over the phone that we do not use electric eels to fix blocked drains as they can cause further damage inside the pipe. However, the customer wasn’t too sure about paying a little bit extra for us to use the drain jetter and camera to identity and solve the problem quickly. They felt they could get a different plumber who was a bit cheaper, but he did use an electric eel to unblock drain pipes.

Four weeks later we received another call from the customer to say that they had used the other plumber with the electric eel. He had cleared the blockage at first but it was blocking up even worse now and the water in the toilet wasn’t going down at all. They asked if we could come and use our drain camera and jetter to see what was going on.

Unfortunately for the customer the camera showed that an internal section of the pipe had been smashed with the electric eel that the first plumber had used and now the complete section of the pipe had to be replaced.

We were able to fix the pipe by using our ‘No Dig’ internal pipe liner which meant the customer was very happy as they did not have to dig up and destroy their beautiful garden to fix the pipe.

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